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Kayaking is the answer - Who cares what the question is

I do

I care very much what the question is - actually I care very much about the answer to a specific question.

That question is - 'How strong are the headwinds in Norway today?'

If the answer is "Unprecedented Headwinds" do not under any circumstances expect that your kayaking experience will be a gentle paddle down the fjords.

In June 2022 I travelled to Norway to experience something new.

I had never visited Norway and I had never Kayaked for more than 30 minutes, and that was on Lake Como in a sit on playtime kayak.

So with that experience under my belt I thought it would be a great idea to book a weekend of kayaking and wild camping on the Norwiegan Fjords.

Questions from my friends were -

Friend: "Amazing, have you kayaked before?"
  • Me: "Yes a little - and I've paddleboarded"

  • Feedback post trip -Kayaking is nothing like paddleboarding. Sea kayaks are nothing like toy kayaks.

Friend: "Won't that be hardwork?"
  • Me: " No - the fjords are really flat and calm, there's no current or strong flow - it will just be a gentle paddle"

  • Feedback post trip - In strong winds the fjords are not calm. It would have quite possibly been calmer in the Pacific Ocean

Friend: "The scenery will be amazing"
  • Me - "I know. I'm really looking forward to chilling out looking at that view"

  • Feedback post Trip - I did not chill out on the kayak. I did not appreciate the scenery enough when the waves were crashing in my face.

Friend: "Are kayaks easy to paddle"
  • Me- "Yes - you just paddle, you don't need to steer"

  • Feedback post trip - Sea Kayaks have pedals. I can't use kayak pedals. I zigzagged my way down the entire fjord from start to finish.

We were a mixed group all there for our love of adventure, solo travellers, friends, mother and son and couples.

After a coach transfer to our departure point we were provided with all the gear, wetsuits, booties, life jackets, splash jackets, dry bags and anything else we could possibly need.

I initially turned down the wetsuit insisting I would be fine in just me gym leggings and a t-shirt, thinking I would be more comfortable and able to chill out soaking up some sunshine!

The tour guide insisted that I needed a wetsuit.

The tour guide was right.

We had a 5 minute instruction on paddle technique then we set of on our journey.

We paddled for possibly 7 hours on the first day. It felt like 24 hours but I think it was about 7. That did include a few food and drink stops.

There were times when it felt like I wasn't moving anywhere. In fact I am sure at times I was going backwards.

I made sure I experienced each side of the fjord as I performed my zig zag manoeuvre across the water.

After a long day we turned a corner (yes, there are turns on the fjords, like water junctions!) and found our campsite. The feeling of reaching the campsite was amazing. Then I had the realisation I had to put up my own tent, then the relief that it was very easy to set up home for the night.

Camp set up - Jan our guide built the campfire ready to cook our dinner. I am not sure if I have ever needed food as much as that night. We were very well catered for. I am not sure where. how . when he managed to cook up such a feast. Maybe I was just delirious!

Time wasn't real and the lack of darkness made it disorientating. But sitting round the campfire, with a bunch of like minded adventurers was such a great moment, If my body wasn't so tired I could have sat there all night.

Day 2 started with a full breakfast. Not sure how Jan did it again - but he created a version of a 5 star hotel breakfast.Think all inclusive mexico resort hotel.

Kayaking only for a few hours today to get to our destination, we had a very relaxing and enjoyable trip to the end.

I can honestly say you have to experience this adventure to really understand how wonderful it was from start to finish. Even through the tiredness it will always be an amazing memory. I feel very lucky I got to experience such a wonderful part of Norway in the most special way.

The photos will never show how magical this trip was.

Everything from start to finish was exceptionally executed.

Appreciation to everyone that made this such a special trip.

I booked this trip with

The actual trip in Norway was managed by

Warning - Once you have booked one trip with it will be the start of a new hobby! The hardest decision is what trip to book next.

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun


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