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Loudly confident...face the fear and do it anyway...

It has been a few weeks since my last post and over a week since I left for my first fully solo trip. A trip where I found me. So cliche but I found my internal happiness and myself in only 3 days. It's me. I'm back.

I thought I would be anxious, but instead I was a like an excited child with an immense feeling of pride.

I was so damn proud of myself - I was doing it.

And not only did I do it, I absolutely smashed it and loved every minute of it.

When I was a child I was a little tiny shy thing. I still like to pretend I am shy. I'm not. Recently I have been described as an Extrovert, Confident, Chirpy. And I talk a lot. Even if people aren't listening. Overall I just like listening to other peoples interesting stories and experiences. And of course telling them my own.

The trip started out well, I chatted to the man next to me on the plane the entire flight. Apologies to his mate for monopolising his travel companions attention for 3 hours.

I stayed in . Very central location for everything I wanted to do in Malaga. Self catering appartment where they provided molton brown toiletries, fluffy dressing gown and a fully stocked fridge.

I arrived late at the hotel, and after checking in with all my favourite people who were looking out for me from afar had a great night sleep in my new surroundings

Early start Sunday to walk the Caminito del Rey. I booked with

First walk with just little old me was interesting, I was going out on my adventure whilst groups of younguns were eating kebabs and stumbling around the pavements trying to find their way home. Seems wherever you are in the world - the walk of shame is the same.

Malaga was easy to navigate, as are most places with the help of google maps.

Of course within an hour of being on the trip I found some new friends. One of the best things about travelling is that you meet such like minded people and age, sex, nationality or anything else doesn't matter. There is no prejudice.

Spent the evening with these gorgeous girls on a sunset cruise and then dinner. Bonding and laughing over life experiences.

The next morning I cancelled my walking tour and decided to head to the beach for some relaxing in the sun and having more giggle time with the girls. Girly chat, Heineken and Sunshine won over walking, and I spent hours not missing the rain back in the UK.

That evening I did head of on my own, as I thought it would be good to spend sometime with just myself. So I bought the most amazing cheesecake from, and a beer and doing what I do best headed up a big hill to Malaga Viewpoint. I did expect this to be a relaxed stroll , however by the time I got to the viewpoint I was glad that I had been putting the effort in at bootcamp over the last few months.

Watching the sunset over Malaga with my treats I sat reflecting on how happy and how damn proud of myself I was.

I did it.

I smashed it.

I had the best time.

At that moment in time I felt real happiness in my heart.

I am ready for the next trip. I can't bloody wait. Just one family holiday to get through first!

If anyone is reading this and thinking about a solo trip, or doubting themselves if you can do it or not. The answer is you can. Yes you can do it.

Face the fear and do it anyway.

Good Luck and remember to enjoy yourself. There is no replay


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