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Quietly Not Confident - Solo Travel

I am on countdown to my first fully solo trip.

I have a few blockers that keep going round in my head. These are all just excuses really to back out.

To help stop me from just sitting in the services near Stansted for 3 days pretending I actually did go I have put some things in place.

I have lots of friends, work colleagues and other people I just know that absolutely love solo travelling.

Travelling Solo will be the most scariest, liberating, life changing experience of your life

The most ridiculous things that worry me about going solo

  1. I have terrible eyesight. Will I actually be able to read the departure board in the airport

  2. Will I get bored with myself

  3. What if I get lost and never find my way back home. Like never ever

  4. Eating Dinner in a restaurant by myself

  5. Will people point and stare at me - shouting "she has no friends"

  6. Will anyone talk to me

  7. What if someone talks to me

  8. Will I get homesick and miss my mum


Yes. I am very aware that most if not all of the above are irrational.

I am well travelled. I have flown on my own before.

But this is different. This is 4 days / 3 nights all by myself in unfamiliar territory.

But I need to do this. For myself.

If I don't enjoy it I never have to do it again.

Life is too Short not to take the Trip

Here is some suggestions of things to put in place to help with confidence to travel solo

  1. Pre arrange travel from the airport to accomodation - more costly but provides peace of mind

  2. Check out the area where you are staying on Google Maps for familiarity

  3. Take a book, phone and headphones

  4. Book a free walking tour for the first morning

  5. Book a food tour in the evenings - if you do not want to eat alone

  6. Book some group excursions

  7. Tell everyone that you are going - to help you from backing out

  8. Speak to other solo travellers for reassurance

I am really hoping I can pull this off and actually enjoy it.

And that this will be the first of many solo trips

I would like to recommend a really great podcast that is helping me load up on positive vibes

'Date yourself instead' with Lyss

Let me know below if any of you have taken a trip solo.

I look forward to keeping you all updated on my trip on my instagram

No apologising - just be you - the world will catch up with your fire eventually

Have you ever travelled Solo

  • 0%Yes - loved it

  • 0%Yes - never again

  • 0%No - but would love to do it

  • 0%No - not for me


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