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Road Trip to The Lakes - Laughter , Hills, Waterfalls and Lady Farts

I have the best friends. I know lots of people think they do. But really - I do.

There is nothing like getting away from the shit of everyday life and shutting the door on that shit, getting in your car with your good mate and driving for hours, and I mean hours and hours to laugh.

Smiles and Laughter is the greatest middle finger of all time.

My friend is afraid of bridges, now apparently thats a thing, she is happy to walk, cycle or even be a passenger but she cannot drive over a bridge. As we had to drive over the Thelwall Viaduct,which I have a big issue calling a bridge, as surely a bridge has a drop either side, the decision was made for me to drive us in my car.

We live over over 250 miles from our weekend destination, Pooley Bridge in the Lake District and I have an electric car that does not have the biggest mileage range in the world of EV's.

7 and a half hours, 2 EV charging issues, 1 fight with another EV driver, 1 bridge (not really a bridge) and a lot of roadtrip snacks and coffee, we arrived at on the edge of Ullswater Lake.

The hotel was a great find - it accepts dogs, people and muddy boots in all areas including the bedrooms.

There are a lot of walks you can do direct from Pooley Bridge without needing to drive anywhere- we chose one walk for each day of the weekend and we were not disappointed with either.

Day 1

Pooley Bridge to Aira Force (approx 13 miles)

Making sure our bellies were suitably full of the hotel breakfast we set off on our hike. We had a vague idea of the route - follow the Ullswater Way

At every gate and turn for the first 30 minutes I heard "are you sure it's this way"

I made it clear that, No, I wasn't 100% sure and wouldn't be all day - so let's get this out of the way now - not at any point during this hike will I be 100% sure, maybe not even 50% sure that this is the right way.

Then the lady farts started. Maybe the vegetarian english breakfast, very possibly our age but pretty much the rest of the day was a continuous stream of arse air from either one of us. We took it in turns to walk downwind of each other - agreeing that was the fairest way.

7 miles later, beautiful landscapes, amazing views, rain jackets on, rain jackets off, sunburn we arrived at Aira Force Falls.

The Falls were absolutely worth the walk, if however you want to save your legs you can drive to the National Trust Car Park and walk up to the falls from there.

The National Trust Cafe near the car park was a welcome stop - their scones rated very highly on the hiking snack scale.

I am not a fan of linear walks and although the views were worth every step we couldn't bring ourselves to retrace our steps back, the only other 2 options were bus - which comes approx 3 times a day or to walk back via the road. We opted for the road walk along the A592 along the edge of Ullswater. Now the views weren't as great as the out walk but they are still worthy of being classed as a view and the bonus was we didn't get hit by any cars. is reached through the local convenience store accross the road from the Pooley Bridge Inn. Unfortunately we didn't have the weather to be able to sit out Lakeside, but the outdoor seating area would be lush in the sunnier months. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner here and I can highly recommend booking in advance to secure your table.

No karaoke or dancing on tables for us on a Saturday night in The Lakes, bed at 8.30 lights out at 9.30 ready to start again.

Day 2

Loadpot Hill and Arthurs Pike (approx 12 miles)

An early wake up call today from my morning person friend. To make this clear I am not a morning person so when I am being talked to at 5am on a Sunday morning things could possibly go downhill very quickly from there.

We met up with some friends who are experienced walkers in The Lakes so my navigation skills were redundant today - this was a good thing as I guarantee there would have been a few wrong turns. I would advise that if you are taking on any of the hikes to ensure you have good map reading skills and the right equipment.

The experienced walkers turned out to also be very experienced trail runners and are extremely fit. This means they walk fast. This means we were back at Pooley Bridge Inn enjoying our Beef Roast a lot earlier than expected

What a weekend...

In total we walked a full marathon - between the 2 of us we managed -

1 outdoor wee

1 blister

1 pair of soggy socks (I really need to re waterproof my boots)

2 windburnt faces

To recover one pair of Raybans from the side of the road

But most importantly we managed hours of laughter

The Lake District is a beautiful part of the UK. It may be a long drive for some, however it really is worth every mile.

Thank you for following me on my journey - I hope I inspire you to start or continue your own.

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