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Travel starts at home.....

Not quite at home, but it is true, you do not have to be overseas to experience beautiful scenery and have amazing experiences. Have you ever been to Scotland....

So it has been a while since my last blog post, life is busy and I haven't had the opportunity to blog all my adventures over the last couple of months. Most of them involved friends, water and a paddleboard. I love being on the water, there is something calming and therapeutic along with a lot of chat and laughter always.

But about a month ago I found myself in Scotland, travelling to the Isle of Arran.

The first thing I realised when I was heading of to this beautiful Island was that it was going to be colder than home in the South of England. A quick operational repacking session and I was good to go.

I was meeting a friend in Glasgow so a quick flight from Luton and our mini adventure was underway.

An early ferry from Ardrossan to Brodick - Isle of Arran and I felt a million miles from my home. An early start meant my eyes were somewhat still closed but when I saw the impending landscape of the island this was enough to give me that wake up call.

This was a spontaneously booked trip not by me, so I didn't know the plan for the next few days. As it was there were no plans after the arrival at the ferry port. But that's ok. I love that we had nowhere to be and no fixed plans for the next few days.

We were in a motorhome so no campsites needed and the ability to park up anywhere by the sea made for some pretty amazing overnight stops.

We spent 4 days driving round the island enjoying the scenery, competing in 80's name that tune ( i lost!) , walking, washing in the sea, and generally having a very fun chilled out few days.

Things I learnt whilst in Scotland travelling with a native Scot...
  1. Sausages aren't always sausage shaped - apparently they are also square

  2. How to cook black pudding

  3. I can go for 4 days just using dry shampoo and still look clean

  4. It doesn't always rain

  5. I still love this life of roaming and would like to retire

  6. Always remember to pack my walking boots

  7. Sheep can appear from anywhere at any moment

Tips for travelling to Arran

1. The ferries can be cancelled at short notice due to weather - unfortunately ours wasn't - and I had to go home

2. If travelling around the island , particularly if camping and you need supplies stock up in the co op in Brodick

3. Have no plan and stop wherever you would like to wake up in the morning

Scotland - I will be Back very soon


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