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We don't stop having fun when we grow older. We grow older when we stop having fun.

After a slight life diversion from the planned course in my late 40's (which I will write about another time) I find myself yet again re routing the sat nav to my future.

Sort of...Or quite possibly this was always the future I was planning, just with a slightly different team dynamic.

I was lucky enough to visit a lot of places as a child but I caught the real travel bug in my late 20s. I didn't catch this accidentally. I very purposefully booked a round the world flight ticket. That was me for the next 12 months - living my very best life.

Skip forward many years, relationships, kids, houses, career building, mini adventures, long holidays and here I am, The big 50 incoming. And the travel and adventure bug has taken hold once again.

I can't understand people that don't want to travel or experience adventure and new things. Those people don't understand me either. I think they're weird, they think I'm weirder.

I am the friend that says Yes. Yes to whatever idea any of my mates may suggest. Within minutes of receiving that whatsapp " I think I'd like to climb a mountain" - I've decided on the mountain, booked the Airbnb, and bought the car snacks. I am that person.

Being this person means I have lived a very fun filled life.

What I'd like to share in this blog is some of my previous life adventures but even more of my future travels and fun and a little bit of my ordinary life along the way too.

Some people say life begins at 40, or 50, or maybe even 60 but I think life begins when you start living it, whatever age that may be and it doesn't stop until you have no other choice.

I hope that someone somewhere will read my blog. I hope that someone somewhere will find it entertaining and funny. Mostly I hope that someone somewhere will read it and be inspired to start living.

I am just back from a weekend break in The Lake District with the one I describe as 'one hell of a mate'.

It was a fun filled weekend - road trip vibes, Outdoors , Walking, Hills, but mainly a whole lot of lady farts and laughter.

I look forward to telling you all about it in my next post.

Until then keep laughing and smiling your way through life.


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